Did You Know Curtains Can Make Your Room Look Bigger?

Regardless of the size of their home, it’s safe to say that most people want their rooms to look as big as possible. After all, small spaces can feel cramped and make your guests feel uncomfortable. Thankfully, there are quite a few tips and tricks on how to make your room look bigger.

Perhaps the top way to make your room seem larger is to bring in plenty of exterior light, which is where your window treatments can really help save the day.

These are the top ways to make your room seem larger without doing anything but hanging some new curtains.

Go with long curtains

Our first tip is to purchase long curtains instead of short or mid-range ones. Contrary to what you might think or read online, curtains don’t make a room seem cluttered—at least, not if you choose the right ones.

Long curtains that puddle on the floor make the walls look higher and leaner, giving the whole room a facelift. For an even better effect, purchase long curtains with vertical details like stripes or woven elements.

Hang the curtains high

You’ll want to make sure your long curtains are hung as high up on the wall as possible. Attaching the right closer to the ceiling tricks the eye into thinking the wall is bigger, thus visually expanding the whole room.

The curtains should be hung 4 inches above the window if you have ceiling moldings and 6 inches if you don’t. This distance is ideal for concealing the window’s edges while still elongating the window to make the walls look larger.

Choose the right curtain rods

Don’t just focus on what window treatments to use on high ceilings—the curtain rods also play a vital role in making a small room seem big, so be sure to purchase decorative curtain rods instead of boring plain ones. Decorative curtain rods can draw the eye upward, which makes your ceilings seem higher and your room look bigger.

Pick the right texture

The curtain’s texture also plays a big role when it comes to how to make your room look bigger. Choose a lightweight texture that lets in plenty of sunlight. Linen is a great material option because it lets in the right amount of light while still blocking the view of any Peeping Toms out there.

Go with a light color scheme

Similar to the point above, lighter-colored curtains tend to let in more light, further aiding in your goal of making the room look as big as possible. The color you ultimately choose depends on your wall color, but any off-white shades tend to do well in most rooms.

Buy your window treatments from us

If you’re shopping for new window treatments or just wondering what window treatments to use on high ceilings, talk to our team at Eastcreek Designs, L.L.C. With over 20 years of industry experience, you can trust that we’ll help you pick out the perfect curtains that’ll transform the look of your room.