What Are the Benefits of Having Curtains in Your Home?

Curtains can provide a lot of value to your home in a variety of ways: functional, aesthetic and financial. When purchasing curtains, you have the option of either finding ready-made curtains at a home goods store or ordering curtains that have been custom-made to your design, material and size specifications, which will give you curtains that are uniquely suited for your home décor.

Are curtains worth the investment in your home? You will need to pay some decent money if you want to implement curtains in every room of the home, and of course, having curtains is always going to cost more than not having them. If you go with custom curtains and high-quality materials, the expenses can quickly add up.

However, you will almost certainly find the investment to be worth your while. Here’s an overview of some of the primary benefits associated with using curtains in your home.

Curtains block out the light

Blackout curtains are great for rooms where you want to create more intimacy or relaxation, or where you will be engaged in activities like watching the television.

In the bedroom, you can use blackout curtains to block out sunlight and improve the quality of your sleep so you don’t have exterior light pollution spilling into your home. You can also use blackout curtains in your living room or home theater to create a darker environment for the television.

Even if you don’t use blackout curtains, the ability of curtain fabric to block out some of the sunlight will help you protect your furniture and carpets from the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Curtains afford greater privacy and security

Curtains help you establish a barrier between your home and the outside world, which gives you some more privacy, especially in the evening hours when you have your interior lights turned on. This also provides you some extra security. People will not be able to see into your home when the curtains are closed, meaning would-be intruders won’t have as many temptations, and won’t be able to see when your home is or is not occupied.

Curtains provide some extra insulation

Curtains can protect your home against drafty conditions. Anywhere from 30 to 50 percent of the heat loss that occurs in a home happens via the windows. Curtains can help to hold the heat in (or keep it out), which helps you keep your heating and air conditioning bills lower. You can really boost the insulating benefits of curtains by using thermal fabrics.

Curtains enhance your interior design

Last but not least, we can’t forget about the potential aesthetic benefits of curtains. Curtains are highly customizable in design—you can select from a wide range of colors, patterns, materials and styles. This makes them a way to display your personality while also complementing the other décor you have in your home.

People frequently attempt to match or coordinate the colors of curtains with other details around the room, such as rugs or cushions.

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