Seven Ways Hanging Curtains Can Instantly Revamp Your Home

No matter how beautiful your views may be, you still need curtains for privacy, maintaining your indoor temperature and preventing fading in your carpet and upholstery. What are the other benefits of having curtains in your home?

Updating your curtains is a great way to instantly transform a room’s appearance. If you’ve been craving a change but don’t know where to start, consider replacing your window treatments with brand-new, custom curtains. Here are seven ways curtains can change your home’s look:

  • Make the ceiling appear higher: If your home is more cramped than cozy, it might be due to low ceilings. Higher ceilings can make a room look taller and larger, but there’s no need to completely overhaul your home. Instead, choose floor-length drapes and hang them high. This will draw the eye upward and create an illusion of vertical space.
  • Create a more spacious appearance: Similarly, curtains can make your entire room look larger. Simply extend your curtains past the width of your windows. This will give the windows a wider, larger appearance, which in turn makes your entire room look spacious and airy.
  • Improve insulation: Curtains can actually improve your home’s energy efficiency, which is a relief for anyone who hates paying higher power bills during heat waves and cold snaps. Not only will they look beautiful, but they will also prevent heat transfer all year long. If your windows are a bit drafty, curtains will also help block breezes.
  • Fix acoustic problems: Sound waves will bounce off all the hard surfaces of your home, which can make movies and music unpleasant to listen to. Adding thick, long curtains will reduce the echoing sounds in your home.
  • Add a pop of color: Neutrals are a perennial interior design favorite, but sometimes you get tired of looking at 17 shades of white contrasted with a light taupe. Instead of replacing your furniture, add a pop of color with new curtains. You’ll be amazed at how brightly colored curtains can change the look of your home. Ask your custom drapery specialist to offer some recommendations, or come in with color swatches to find the perfect fit.
  • Set the mood: Curtains come in a variety of colors, but they also come in myriad fabric choices. Depending on your interior design goals, you can choose the right fabrics and curtain types to set the mood, whether that’s romantic, cheery, stately or otherwise.
  • Shield your outdoor spaces: Finally, curtains are a great choice for your outdoor spaces. Why limit curtains to the inside, when you can improve the entire home? Choose drapes in outdoor-friendly fabrics to “close off” a patio and shield occupants from sun and wind.

As you can see, curtains can indeed change your home’s look. Working with a design specialist is also a smart choice—they can help you pick the right window treatments to address your specific goals.

Get in touch with the team at Eastcreek Designs, L.L.C. today to get started on your next curtain purchase. We look forward to assisting you!