Custom Treatments in Austin, TX

A custom window treatment is fabricated, designed, and specific to a particular window. Adding a custom treatment is a great way to improve the appearance of your home. If you are looking for a custom window treatment in Austin, TX or any other surrounding town, Eastcreek Designs, L.L.C. is ready to help you. The unique thing about our company is that it is a woman-owned business that is certified in the state of Texas as a Historically Underutilized Business. 

Residential Window Treatments Austin

Residential Treatments

At Eastcreek Designs, L.L.C., we offer residential window treatments that will help make the rooms in your house stunning, stylish, neat, and grand. Our window process consists of three steps:

First step: we meet with you for a free consultation in order to discuss your preferences, needs, budget, and concerns.

Second step: we start planning. We choose the proper fabrics and hardware, create a unique design, and prepare an estimate for you that will fit your budget and needs.

Third second: we complete the installation and make the required changes. We do our best to make you fall in love with your new treatment.

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Treatments are special modifications that are used in order to improve the aesthetics of windows while preserving energy consumption and privacy. There are many different treatment types that you can choose from based on your preferences and budget. Treatments can be considered as jackets of the interior design because they are the last element you add to finish the style of your room.


Drapery is a great decorative fix for light control. It can be easily layered with shades and blinds to create a cozy and stylish look. At Eastcreek Designs, drapery is custom made to your exact specifications and measurements, so you get a perfectly fitted look.

Traditional Design

Traditional treatments are both functional and affordable. Usually, traditional styles of treatment are defined by a great number of details. Tractional designs are often heavier, which makes them perfect for bedrooms because they block out light and allow you to achieve utmost privacy.

Contemporary Design

Contemporary treatments are characterized by a structured shape that is supported by fabric composition and panel length. One of the main features of contemporary treatments is simplicity. It leverages clean lines, modern accessories, and a simple palette of textures and colors.

Commercial Treatments

The purpose of our commercial window treatments is to increase comfort and reduce energy costs. We have worked with a great number of commercial contractors and clients. There are several reasons why you can trust Eastcreek Designs for commercial window treatments. First, we have access to special pricing that nobody else has. Second, we specialize in large-scale projects. We have completed big projects for such clients as the University of Texas at Austin, Georgetown City Hall, MD Anderson Cancer Center, and others. Our company is also trusted by major contractors and architects.  In addition, all our installers are certified by manufacturers. Finally, our company is small, and it is a great benefit because you can work directly with the owner. Contact us today!

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Commercial Treatments

Commercial treatment aims to provide exceptional customer service, attention to detail, and reliability. One of the basic requirements of all commercial treatments is that they should not be hard to maintain.

Office Treatments

Office treatments are more important than you may think because they help curate a place where you can concentrate and feel motivated. Most modern office treatments are long-lasting and affordable. If you are looking for a high-quality office treatment in Austin TX or any other surrounding areas, please feel free to contact us at Eastcreek Designs. 


 Many businesses and business owners choose drapery for various reasons. First, it comes in various types, shapes, and colors. With the help of drapery, you can create a cozy and private atmosphere in your office. 

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Mechoshade is an eco-friendly and energy-efficient solar shading design that helps achieve personal, thermal, and visual comfort.

Do you Need the Help of a Professional Treatment Service?

Whether you need repairs or reshaping, Eastcreek Designs is ready to provide you with a professional treatment service. We create a treatment for whatever is important to our clients. We create energy-efficient designs, healthy designs, child-friendly designs, low-maintenance designs, and private designs. We also know how to customize treatment solutions for your unique and personal needs. At Eastcreek Designs, we use only the newest treatment technologies.

Treatment FAQs

Here are the answers to the most common questions about our company and treatments:

Yes, at Eastcreek Designs we offer consultations that are absolutely free. 

We will discuss all the details during the initial consultation, including shape, material, and style during the initial consultation with us. To know what style will work well in your space, there are many factors to consider that we are going to discuss. 

Yes, we know how to create an environment that will be both durable and safe for kids. For example, we offer innovative honeycomb shades that you can open from the top or the bottom and that do not have any visible cords in the window opening. 

Yes, we offer turnkey services for those who are looking for a vendor, who will agree to take the project off your hands. We can manage a turnkey service project from start to finish.