What Are the Benefits of Investing in Custom Window Treatments?

Looking to add some additional flair to your interior design? Beyond the types of furniture, rugs and décor you use, you should also consider custom window treatments as an option.

The big question that is likely to come up for potential customers is whether custom window treatments are worth the cost. It’s true that you can expect to pay more for custom treatments than those you purchase “off the shelf” from hardware and home goods stores. However, that extra expense can be more than worth it. Here’s a closer look at the benefits of custom window treatments:

  • Precision in measurement: Window treatments are available in a wide range of types and sizes. The ones you find at big box stores come in sizes that are designed to fit standard window sizes. If your windows don’t fall within those cookie-cutter sizes, you’ll have a hard time finding window treatments that actually fit your needs and provide you with good results. Custom window treatments give you more precision in the dimensions so you can get coverings that fit your windows perfectly, even when they have non-standard measurements.
  • Customize colors and fabrics: When purchasing prefabricated window coverings, you’re limited to the colors and fabrics the stores have in stock. By going with custom window treatments instead, you can choose the colors, fabrics and designs you want for your home. The pros will make your window treatments to match your specifications.
  • Coordinate with your interior décor: Going with custom window treatments doesn’t just give you more options—it also helps you to better complement the other décor you already have in your home. If you are particular about the aesthetics of your home, it might be difficult for you to find in-store products that match exactly what you’re looking for. Rather than settling for window treatments that will stick out (in a negative way), you can spend a bit more money to get treatments that blend in with the rest of your interior décor scheme.
  • Improved energy efficiency: Approximately 30 percent of a home’s heating energy gets lost through the windows, and approximately 76 percent of the sunlight that enters a home through the windows turns into heat. Your choice of window treatment can significantly reduce energy loss, maintain your desired interior temperature and help you save a lot of money on your energy bills.
  • Quality products: Custom window treatments cost more, but they also give you the opportunity to choose higher-quality materials and to work with skilled professionals with a reputation for delivering outstanding work.
  • Unique appearance: By fully customizing your window treatments, you can get a one-of-a-kind appearance that nobody else will have in their homes. Whether you want to make a bold, personalized statement with your window treatments or simply want to have an understated, high-quality addition to your interior décor, you can get something that is entirely “you.”

So, are custom window treatments worth the cost? Ultimately, that’s up to you—but from the benefits listed above, you can see exactly why you might consider the investment. For more information, contact the team at Eastcreek Designs LLC.