Tips for Properly Cleaning Your Window Treatments

Windows let the light into our homes. They allow sunbeams to stream in on cool or cold days, allowing us to feel the sun’s warmth and comfort without venturing outside. But sometimes the light coming in needs to be filtered, dimmed or blocked altogether, and that’s where window treatments come in.

Window treatments are anything affixed to the window to alter the amount of light entering the space. This includes shutters, blinds, shades, curtains and drapes. Knowing the basics of window treatment maintenance and how to clean window treatments can keep them looking great and increase their longevity.


Blinds are one of the most common window treatments, and a key tenet of window treatment maintenance is knowing how to clean them. They can accumulate dust and other debris, so you should vacuum them first.

Try doing this with the blinds drawn so you can reach more of their surface area. After vacuuming them, you can use a microfiber duster to remove any pesky dust particles that the vacuum didn’t get. If you notice finger marks, you can use a sponge to remove them—just make sure not to wet your blinds too much if they’re made of wood.


Part of knowing how to clean window treatments means being well versed in how to clean shades. To begin, you should pull the shades down and dust them with a microfiber duster. Dust from top to bottom.

If your vacuum has a soft brush attachment, hook that up and vacuum your shades from side to side on down, in a typewriter fashion. If your shades are delicate or sheer, you can try putting a sock or stocking over the vacuum’s hose to limit the suction.

To spot clean your shades, try wiping gently with a cloth made damp with water only. If that doesn’t work you can try a mild mixture of water and liquid dish soap detergent, making sure to rinse when done and blot dry with a cloth.


One of the more delicate window treatments, drapes require more care than shades or blinds. The first thing you should do is check the label of the drapes, as this should tell you if you can hand wash them or not. Many drapes are dry clean only. If there’s no label, you should take your drapes to an expert to have them dry cleaned, as it’s better to be safe than sorry.

If your drapes are washable, you can start with the soft brush attachment of your vacuum. If your vacuum has an upholstery setting, that’s even better. The tag on your drapes may say that they’re washable, but you should test the fabric before you wash them anyway.

To do this, take a corner of the drapes and submerge it in a bowl of warm water and detergent, to see if it bleeds. If you decide to put it in the washer, be sure to run it on the gentle or delicate cycle. When in doubt, follow any instructions on the tag.

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