Reasons to Choose Custom Window Treatments vs. Store-Bought Window Coverings

Installing blinds, shades or curtains is essential to make your home look better and feel more comfortable. But you don’t want to just choose some stock window treatment from a big-box store. Instead, work with an interior designer to create custom treatments for your windows.

Although they do cost a little bit more up front, we guarantee you’ll be much happier when you go with custom window treatments. This post will cover a few of the benefits of custom window treatments:

  • Measured for your windows: It can be tough to find window treatments for some windows, especially if they’re oversized. Stock window treatments might not cover the whole window, or they might be too large and look tacky in your home. The solution is to go with custom window treatments—they’re designed specifically for your windows.
  • Array of products and styles: Shopping for stock curtains, shades or blinds can be frustrating because many of the products look and feel the exact same. That won’t be an issue when you work with an interior designer who specializes in custom window treatments. Your professional can fabricate window treatments that are made just for your home. We guarantee you’ll love the way they look.
  • Higher quality: Another one of the advantages of custom window treatments is that they’re made of higher-quality materials. Custom blinds or curtains will look better, and they’ll last longer because they’re crafted with the highest-quality materials and finishes. Though they may cost a bit more, custom treatments save you money in the long run because they last much longer.
  • More energy efficiency: Custom window treatments also help save money by reducing your heating and cooling costs throughout the year. Because they’re made with better materials and fitted to your windows, custom treatments will block out more sunlight and prevent indoor air from slipping outside. Your investment in custom window treatments will pay for itself in no time at all.
  • Superior warranty: The standard warranty for stock window treatments is just one year—that doesn’t help very much if you own your home. One of the biggest benefits of custom window treatments is that they often come with longer warranties. Your warranty for custom blinds or curtains can be five years or more.
  • Professional advice: Shopping for store-bought window coverings isn’t always easy, and the last thing you want to do is make a purchase that doesn’t fit well with your home’s current aesthetic. That’s where a professional designer can help you out. Regardless of your personal style, they’ll give you options that are sure to look good in your home.

Don’t just work with any interior designer

Look no further than Eastcreek Designs, L.L.C. the next time you need custom window treatments. Our certified staff members offer personalized service and high-quality products for all of our customers. Give us a call today to schedule a consultation so you can learn more about our product offerings and get an even better sense of some more of the advantages of custom window treatments.