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Different clients have different concerns. No matter what your requirements, we know how to choose the right combination of products and develop the right solution to meet your needs.

If you have a question about the challenges below, or any other unique window-treatment challenges you are trying to solve, call us for a consultation.

Energy-efficient design

Energy efficiency often is at the top of the list of client priorities, especially with the brutally hot summers we experience in the Texas Hill Country. We know how to select and install solutions that can reduce your energy costs and keep your home or office comfortable and beautiful.

Low-maintenance design

Put down that duster. We can show you products and designs that are made for ease of maintenance. Standard two-inch metal blinds are excellent for ease of maintenance, and they are making a big comeback. There are some very cool designs available with brushed-nickel finishes.

Also making a comeback (and easy to clean) are vertical blinds, which are very sleek and contemporary. And there are some beautiful new metal shutters making appearances everywhere from kitchens to board rooms. These shutters can be used outside and inside buildings, and they can be motorized.

Healthy design

Do you need window treatments that are resistent to bacteria for a medical environment? Or are you looking for a solution that is less likely to harbor dust or allergens? We have a lot of experience installing window treatments designed for hospitals, such as Seton, and for other clients — both commercial and residential — that require a uniquely pristine environment.

Eco-friendly design

Are you a big fan of Mother Earth? We are too. We know how to recommend eco-friendly window-treatment solutions that are made from recycled and recylable products. More and more, there are a wide range of products coming on the market that are not only eco-friendly, but also cost-effective and beautiful.

Child-friendly design

We know how to create an environment that is both durable and safe when curious little hands are near. Whether you need window treatments for an elementary school, a pediatrician’s office, or a home, call us to learn about options that are safe for children.

We love Norman Window Fashions SmartFit shade. These innovative honeycomb shades can be opened from the top or the bottom, and have no visible cords in the window opening.

High-privacy design

We can help create an environment that offers the utmost in privacy. We also install media room solutions that can completely block out light and offer remote-controlled motorization features.


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